Sunday, December 13, 2015

Document confirms that State Farm lied about damages

Talk about a smoking gun. After fighting with State Farm for almost two and a half years, one of the documents I signed to accept State Farm's salvage offer (prior post, see 9/22/2015 update) stated that the damages to my car were less than 75% of market value. I blogged about this repulsive charade in my initial post - see 11th and 12th paragraphs.

South Carolina law did not require State Farm to total my car. They did so of their own accord - which paid-off stooges in the state legislature have made it legal for insurance companies to do - as part of a desperate, dishonest, and ultimately costly effort to take possession of my car. Nobody can be blamed for concluding that someone at State Farm simply wanted a beautiful MR2 Spyder with a rebuilt engine.

Because State Farm's lies about additional damages were so outrageous, they apparently backed off when when it came to maintaining such lies in official documentation. Of course, it was never "supposed" to get to that point. I was "supposed" to be bullied into giving them my car - along with all those brand new OEM parts they directed Suddeth Automotive to install - rather than keep the vehicle with a salvage title. Then I was "supposed" to go buy a new car so State Farm could increase their premium. What a racket.

Because I elected to keep my car, State Farm had to pay Suddeth Automotive in addition to paying me the full amount of their salvage offer, which means I'll have about $3,500 left over after remaining repairs are completed. A claim which should have cost State Farm $5,000 wound up costing them about $12,000, and I'm a happy camper except for the salvage title, which at least I got paid thousands of dollars to accept. I hope Lester Walker - State Farm's bigshot claims manager in Atlanta - knows how to add and subtract.  

How much longer are Americans gonna tolerate paid-off slobs - Repukes and Demagogues alike - passing laws that favor the interests of corrupt corporations? I quit participating in America's two-headed, one party SHAM of an electoral system years ago. 

Update 12/16/2015 - Since America's perverse power structure is so intent on lowering the value of my property by branding salvage on the title, I've cancelled my comprehensive coverage and that saves me a bundle. I don't plan on selling my MR2 anyway.