Monday, December 23, 2013

State Farm? You're better off on a bicycle.

Ho, ho, ho, State Farm: How much are your premiums for insuring a bicycle?

The "good neighbor" has an ad that gets it right: Having insurance certainly isn't like having State Farm. It wuzza delight tellin' State Farm goodbye. If only I'd known years ago what a sleazy bunch they are.

As of today, the jerks still haven't paid Suddeth Automotive for those repairs State Farm directed way back in July before reneging on their agreement to fix my car. Apparently, State Farm sees the holidays as an opportunity to put a little more pressure on folks. Isn't it a shame that the government lets corporations kick folks around with such impunity? Bought-n-paid-for politicians - Repukes n Demagogues alike - kissin' up to corrupt businesses. Complete with so-called regulatory agencies runnin' roughshod over consumers. If state insurance commissions were anything other than complicit in rippin' people off, corporations like State Farm wouldn't dare behave the way they do.

Am I ever thankful for having an extensive background in bicycling. Hadn't ridden in about two years when State Farm reared its ugly head. After filing my claim, I walked to the grocery store for several weeks, then realized that the "good neighbor" thought they had me over a barrel and wuz gonna drag things out until I "cooperated." So I took a closer look at my 1973 Schwinn World Voyageur. Wonderful bike. Steel frame. Ten usable gears. Now a collector's item.

All I needed was a seatpost rack. 'Bout forty bucks.

Never had tried utility bicycling. Always suckered into viewing bicycles as toys. Wear weird clothes, see how far - my longest ride is 102 miles in one day - and how fast ya can go. Try to beat yer last "record." Then shower down, fire up yer motor vehicle, and embark on a whoppin' four mile round trip to buy a few items at the store. Keeps the auto, oil, and insurance industries very happy.

I cruised along (literally) for decades, not payin' much attention to the transportation ripoff. Carried way too much insurance, drove needlessly. Incredible waste, even with $2,000 deductibles. 'Course, I assumed there would be fundamental fairness if I filed a claim...

Slob industries in cahoots with a slob government are gettin' their comeuppance. I'm saving a ton of money - and havin' a ton of fun - usin' my bicycle 'steada my cars. Been at it almost seven months, pedlin' over 1,100 miles. All across the country, folks are catchin' on to the transportation scam. Bicycles designed for serious use are easy to find, harder and harder to resist.

Betcha State Farm didn't count on a soon-to-be-seventy-year-old ridin' a bicycle.