Tuesday, September 1, 2015

State Farm now refuses to pay their own written offer

Update 9/22/2015 - Thanks to the SUPERB efforts of State Farm agent Nick Shelly and his associates, last Friday State Farm paid me what they offered.  

Four months ago, I sent State Farm an e-mail agreeing to accept their salvage offer. I've done extensive research, consulted with attorneys, and that's the only viable option if I wanna keep my MR2 Spyder. It's been two years since the mechanical repairs were completed, the car continues to run like a dream, and I have no interest whatsoever in turning the vehicle over to State Farm.

State Farm acknowledged receipt of my e-mail but refuses to take any further action. Except for acknowledging my e-mail, I haven't heard one word from the "good neighbor."

From the get-go, State Farm has tried every trick in the book to get possession of my car. Perhaps they're now trying to delay things past the three year time limit for settling claims. Wow - what lousy, inexcusable "service" these thugs dish out to their customers. Of course, if we had a government that looked out for consumers instead of catering to crooked corporations, State Farm wouldn't dare to behave in such a manner.

Maybe Americans will eventually get tired of being kicked around by the likes of State Farm, Toyota, GM, AT&T, and the list goes on ad nauseam. Meanwhile, I'm back to picketing in front of State Farm offices.

Just for the record: My agent when I was with State Farm was Mark Rouse, whose slogan is "Don't worry, you're covered." Mr. Rouse and Liz Portee - the State Farm agent who charged out and tried to take my sign away from me - might do well as comedians. Mark's slogan should be "Don't worry, you've been suckered."