Saturday, November 2, 2013

Suddeth Automotive STILL not paid

What kinda government allows an insurance company to refuse to pay a legitimate bill?

'Bout a week ago, I got a call from the owner of Suddeth Automotive inquiring about the status of my claim and asking if I could give him any contact information for the appropriate person to talk to at State Farm. He submitted a bill to State Farm months ago, but has yet to hear from the "good neighbor." Mr. Suddeth - much to his credit - agreed that it was State Farm's place to pay the bill.

We're not talking small change. Suddeth's repairs came to almost $4,000. How would State Farm like it if they weren't paid for their services? What a pathetic, slob corporation. State Farm obviously sees the situation as an opportunity to pressure me into either turning my car over to them or agreeing to keep it with a salvage title. And if that sort of thing ruins the relationship a business had with a long-time customer, the "good neighbor" couldn't care less.

I've experienced nothing but a runaround from State Farm ever since the mishap - which occurred almost six months ago - and I'm not gonna be bullied into accepting State Farm's inane offer. The same day Suddeth Automotive called, I also got a telephone call from State Farm. Hadn't heard from 'em in months, and they wanted to know if I had given any thought to settling the claim. I assured them that my position (which they've been aware of from the get go) had not changed in the least - that I expected them to get my car repaired.

This matter sure has been an eye-opener for me about the insurance industry. In the future, I'll be spending a lot less for their lousy, misrepresented product.

Update 11/2/2013 - Wonderful nine mile bicycle ride this afternoon. Dropped off garbage, bought groceries. Yes, Virginia, you CAN live - quite well, if not better - without insurance. Er I mean without a car. 

Update 11/4/2013 - A week ago, shortly after he spoke with me, the owner of Suddeth Automotive left a message for Lester Walker, Claims Manager at State Farm's regional office in Atlanta, but is receiving no response. Meanwhile, my car is runnin' fine - better, if anything, than it ever has. I've recently driven it on two out-of-town trips - now it just needs some bodywork. No excuse whatsoever for State Farm to declare it a total loss. At least the remaining damages have turned out to be a great conversation starter about the insurance industry.