Saturday, November 23, 2013

"BYE" to State Farm. I "BUY" Amica.

Amica sure beats State Farm. Lots lower premiums, increased coverage. The website "Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies" recommended Amica, so I took a look.

Amica even offers a plan for those of us who choose to ride a bicycle instead of driving a motor vehicle. Premiums can be deducted each month from a customer's bank account (with State Farm, I had to log in every six months to pay online). Whenever ya wanna start ridin' yer bicycle 'steada usin' yer motor vehicle, give Amica a ring, and they start charging for comprehensive coverage only. Now get this:

My estimate for nine months worth was a TOTAL of SIXTY bucks. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I now have my car and it's runnin' fine, I've been ridin' my bicycle about 95% of the time instead of driving. Utility bicycling can bear an acquaintance. Next year, I look forward to reapin' the benefits Amica offers folks like me.


State Farm still refuses to pay Suddeth Automotive and refuses to approve the remaining repairs on my car. This week, I got a letter from the "good neighbor." Sheer harassment. Playin' dumb (they're dumb enough as it is, without actin' the part) by acting like our dispute centered around the value they had placed on my car, and ignoring any mention of the fact that there's no reason whatsoever to declare total loss. Tried to make me think I was now required to hire an appraiser, etc. ad nauseum. Real slobs.

I wonder if State Farm realizes (or cares) how utterly ridiculous they look. Here I am driving my car, enjoying the fact that it runs as good or better than ever, while State Farm insists on declaring it a total loss, tries to pressure me into getting rid of it, and refuses to pay the folks State Farm directed to complete close to half of the repairs.

Let's face it. A corporation wouldn't dare behave the way State Farm is behaving unless it could do so with impunity insofar as governmental oversight is concerned. Read the "Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies" website. Educate yourself about an industry - and a government - that's runnin' roughshod over consumers. And if you can't avoid insurance entirely - few can - at least take a closer look at Amica.

Update 12/12/2015 - Yep, Amica beats State Farm (who doesn't?), but their "comprehensive only" plan wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I no longer trust any part of the insurance industry, so I just shop around for the lowest rate. Went from Amica to Liberty Mutual, currently with Travelers.  

Update 6/14/2015 - recently renewed with Travelers.