Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At last: State Farm pays Suddeth Automotive

First of all, lemme jus' say that my MR2 Spyder sure is runnin' fine. In fact, it's never run any better. Flawless handling - thanks to the superb worksmanship from Suddeth Automotive - sheer music from the engine. Been takin' it on ski trips this winter - six so far - and the driving has been a delight.

The "good neighbor" - after many months of wrangling - has finally paid Suddeth Automotive's bill of approximately $4,000 for mechanical repairs completed about seven months ago at State Farm's behest. But the "good neighbor" still refuses to have my car's remaining damages (cosmetic) repaired. In fact, it's been almost four months since I last heard from the "good neighbor."

Corporate and legislative slobbery at its best. Allowing for my $2,000 deductible, State Farm would rather harass me than pay an additional $2,500 to complete the repairs. And I'm as determined as ever to keep my car, with a clean (non-salvage) title.

This is how State Farm, supported by bribed - er I mean "lobbied" -legislators and the S.C. Insurance Commission, treats a decades long customer, multi-line, with an excellent driving/claims record, including safe driver discounts. Live and learn.

Generally speaking, the insurance industry is out of control. That said, I continue to be well pleased, rate and service-wise, with Amica. They seem genuinely interested in helping folks. Unlike State Farm, I don't find a barrage of complaints, including comments, blogs, newspaper articles, etc., targeting Amica. When I left State Farm, I contacted a number of insurance companies, and Amica stood head and shoulders above the rest. So far, so good. Spread the word.

As my nightmare with State Farm continues, I urge consumers to study the Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies' website. Check around. And never buy insurance from crooks and bullies like State Farm.

Update 5/1/2015 - Speaking of sleazy business practices, questions have now been raised concerning how much the "good neighbor" pays a neurosurgeon for "expert" testimony in court cases.